Diversity Training

Based on feedback and demand they’ve received from their clients, Improv Asylum and IA Innovation are in the midst of designing a new offering focusing on diversity. Wisely, they’ve decided to pilot this offering with a small, select audience, before ‘going public’ with it. Improv Asylum would love to have you attend this interactive, informative and engaging test run and, of course, would welcome your perspective and feedback. With that, we would like to invite you on Thursday, October 5th, to experience and participate in Improv Asylum’s new and innovative approach to Diversity & Inclusion training.

Want to help us pilot the Diversity & Inclusion training?

Please join us from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Improv Asylum - 216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113.

Improv Asylum will be providing the refreshments and has also invited everyone to the 8:00 pm Main Stage show as our guest. 
Please RSVP to Bob Melley at bob@improvasylum.com by Friday, September 29. For questions regarding Improv Asylum and/or the programs please contact Bob directly. 

As global leaders in providing impactful and engaging training programs, Improv Asylum has combined their interactive delivery of innovative communication, listening and trust skills with a special focus on Diversity and Inclusion Awareness, with a goal to create stronger workplace cultures. As an opportunity to test drive this program, Improv Asylum’s facilitators will lead you through a fun, thought-provoking session - one that unites the group, opens the door to finding common ground, and establishes trust. By building on the principles of improvisation, this session will encourage participants to make new connections and bring awareness and appreciation for each other’s unique strengths.